Easy to start

After sign up, set your profile, photos, etc. from the Liver registration and set the schedule. A notification will be sent to LINE according to the reservation, so the live will start!
All operations can be operated intuitively from your smartphone.


Easy for listners

You can browse live by purchasing a pre-order ticket and requesting a point system on the day!
You can enjoy a live with a private feeling like a "call" with just one smartphone or by a group.
Since it is a point system, you can enjoy it easily without overusing it.

There is no need to share accounts such as LINE/Skype/Zoom, and you can use them anonymously, so there is no problem with privacy.
Please experience a completely new communication style.

Business model

141LIVE offers four monetization functions.
It can be freely set according to the style of the live.

Paid live

Live time can be set in units of 10 minutes
The delivery unit price can also be decided by yourself.


Introduced a item toss system!
Earn money by gifting items during live performances.

Gift (In development)

You can purchase and receive gifts on 141 LIVE without disclosing your wish list etc. (ex. Amazon) on other EC.

Subscription (In development)

We have prepared a monthly fee system to operate fan clubs and monetize paid contents and limited contents.
Please use it to distribute teaching materials.


Official livers can sell tickets from 2 weeks ago! If you link to the ticket sales page on this site from SNS etc., tickets will be automatically issued and sold.
Tickets for education such as various schools such as English conversation, fortune-telling, counseling, etc. can be sold, so it can be used by companies.
It frees you from the hassle of managing complicated payment systems and reservation systems, so you can focus on LIVE!

Road Map

A 100% proprietary web application, 141LIVE is constantly evolving to meet the needs of users and rivals.
We will add and update new systems such as filter function, gift function (system where products are delivered to home), and delivery function as needed.

For details, please see the roadmap page for the schedule.

Road Map