Case study

141LIVE is a completely new type of live streaming service that brings together the advantages of video calling and live streaming.
Livers who are active on existing live distribution sites are strengthening their relationships with listeners and supporters who support them by using one-on-one live and group live where security is secured as “+α” as a part of fan service. I can do it.

Communication tools such as LINE, Skype, and Zoom have a wealth of functions and are used as daily communication tools, so exchanging accounts (contacts) between users involves risks both in terms of security and privacy.

141LIVE uses the LINE login system, but the live system is a unique distribution system, so there is no need to exchange LINE accounts with each other at all!

Since it is the best platform for business use, it can also be fully utilized for services provided online such as cooking classes, yoga, personal training, fortune telling, counseling, and trouble consultation.